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Third study visit “Free Word Technique 10”

From the 3rd to the 14th of July the third study visit was held in the framework of the 10th edition of “Free Word Technique” Program, financed by the National Endowment for Democracy and the British Embassies in Warsaw (Poland) and Yerevan (Armenia) and implemented by the Polish–Czech–Slovak Solidarity Foundation.

The participants of the course represented NGO "It’s Your Choice" from Yerevan (Armenia), “Asparez” (Arena) Journalists’ Club from Gyumri (Armenia), City public organization “Association of Students of the city of Togliatti” (Russia), Vinnytsya Human Rights Group (Ukraine) and two newspapers: Beltsy Weekly Independent Newspaper “SP” (Moldova) and “Stary Zamok Palanok” from Mukachevo (Ukraine).

During their stay in Warsaw, the participants of “Free Word Technique” Program did not only have a 40-hour computer training but they also had meetings with the representatives of NGOs and media, such as: Ms. Aleksandra Głowacka and Ms. Paulina Wróbel from Center for Citizenship Education, Mr. Adam Buła from “Dziennik Polska-Europa-Świat” daily newspaper, Mr. Lenur Kerymov - lawyer from Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights, Mr. Michał Kacewicz - journalist from “Newsweek” magazine, Ms. Anne Cody - Assistant Program Officer from National Endowment for Democracy, Mr. Wojciech Baran from Polish Students Association and Ms. Teresa Hernik – Head of Polish Scouting and Guiding Association. Moreover, they were given a lecture “Election finances monitoring – the role of NGOs” by Ms. Grażyna Kopińska, the Director of Anti-Corruption Program from Stefan Batory Foundation and had meetings with Ms. Jane Cordell – First Secretary of The British Embassy in Warsaw and Mr. Ferdynand Rymarz - the Head of the State Electoral Commission.

During the weekends the volunteers who cooperate with our Foundation took care of them. They had a chance to sightsee Warsaw.

At the end of their stay the trainees had a meeting with the Program Council that decided to donate the computer equipment to three organizations they represented.

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Developing Independent Media Skills in Eurasia
The fourteenth edition of the "Independent media" program is planned for this year. Nearly 26 journalists from Belarus, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine will be invited to Poland. During study visits, they will have an opportunity to visit the editorial offices of newspapers and magazines, radio and TV stations, internet portals and information agencies. They will acquaint themselves with the work and experiences of their Polish colleagues. The study visits will be tailored to the professions and specializations of the guests.
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