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Foundation programs

Educational activities

Program "Meetings for Children"

The Foundation of Polish, Czech and Slovak Solidarity co-organised and co-financed cycle of meeting for children and teenagers from Poland, Czech and Slovakia living in the area of the Polish, Czech and Slovak borderland.

The program included organisation of excursions for Polish children to Czech and Slovakia, where they could meet with their colleagues from other country. For example:

  • children from primary school in Stronie Śląskie stayed for 3 days in Olomuniec and Stare Mesto,
  • teenagers from the Mechanical Secondary School in Kłodzko visited Usti upon Orlica,
  • Liceum Społeczne from Nowy Sącz visited Hradec Kralove
  • students from schools in Żywiec participated in the meetings in Wielka Radcza and in Oscadnica,
  • students from schools in Żywiec took part in the race around Koszyce,
  • children from Bielsko Biała spent summer vacations in Rożnowo near Radhost
  • children from Żywiec spent summer vacation in Czadca

There was a special meeting of young persons from Żywiec and Sumperk interested in environmental protection in order to look for interesting minerals from the Śnieżnik massif.

Special sport meetings were organised for children from Poland and Slovakia such as the Polish-Slovak athletics meeting in Żywiec.

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Developing Independent Media Skills in Eurasia
The fourteenth edition of the "Independent media" program is planned for this year. Nearly 26 journalists from Belarus, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine will be invited to Poland. During study visits, they will have an opportunity to visit the editorial offices of newspapers and magazines, radio and TV stations, internet portals and information agencies. They will acquaint themselves with the work and experiences of their Polish colleagues. The study visits will be tailored to the professions and specializations of the guests.
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