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Archive of the Polish-Czech -Slovak Solidarity

The Polish, Czech and Slovak Solidarity was started in October 1981, when activists from various, opposition movements , such as Chart 77 in Czechoslovakia and Solidarity in Poland signed conspiratorial agreement regarding their co-operation. In 1992 the First General Assembly of the Polish, Czech and Slovak Solidarity was organised, establishing local units of the Association of Polish-Czech-Slovak Solidarity. Simultaneously, the Foundation of Polish, Czech and Slovak Solidarity was created with a view of supporting cultural and civic activities of the Association.
Since 1981 the activists of the Association of Polish-Czech-Slovak Solidarity have been collecting all documents and other materials regarding their co-operation. This collection already represents a significant historical value.
Until the end of nineties the Archive of the Polish, Czech and Slovak Solidarity was located at the Foundation's office in Wrocław. It collected, organised and ensured access to printed documents regarding activities of the Polish, Czech and Slovak Solidarity as well as information regarding political and social situation in Czech and Slovakia.
Finally, the collection was transferred to the Ossolineum.

Philosophy Seminar "Intentionality - Value - Art. Husserl - Ingarden - Patočka"

The seminar took place in the Polish Centre of Culture and Information in Prague, between the 11 and 13 May, 1992. Approximately 70 persons from Poland, Germany, Czechoslovakia and Japan participated in the conference. This seminar was organised in co-operation with the Polish Culture Centre in Prague, the Goethe Institute in Prague, the Polish Philosophical Association, the Česka Jednota Filozoficka, and the Cracov Unit of the Polish, Czech and Slovak Solidarity.

Conference of young Polish, Czech and Slovak historians

Between 29 and 30 June 1992 a conference of young historians from Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia took place in Prague. The conference was organised by the Polish Centre of Culture and Information, the Foundation of Polish, Czech and Slovak Solidarity and the "Stredni Evropa". 20 students and doctoral students from Praque, Bratislava, Katowice, Szczecin and Wrocław participated in the conference.

Young environmentalists

Young persons from the Polish Trade School in Stronie Śląskie and students of the Slovak Trade School in Sumperk in Czech started a co-operation in September 1992. Their co-operation includes exchange of experiences regarding trained jobs, studies and environmental protection. Their joint activities related to environmental protection received financial support from the Foundation of Polish, Czech and Slovak Solidarity as well as from the Marshall Foundation.

Ethnographic research conducted in Zaolzie by students of the Wrocław University

In 1992 students of ethnography at the Wrocław University conducted filed researches in Zaolzie area (Czechoslovakia). The research included cataloguing of wayside shrines and crosses. The Foundation of Polish, Czech and Slovak Solidarity supported research of the middle and southern part of Zaolzie, which crowned the complex registration of historical monuments on the both sides of Olza river.

The Polish-Ukrainian Conference on Local Government

The Polish - Ukrainian Conference on Local Government took place in Kazimierz Dolny in 1992. The conference was organised by the following partners: Forum Europy Środkowo - Wschodniej [The Forum of Central and Eastern Europe - Warsaw], Fundacja "Odrodzenie" [The Foundation "Revival"- Kiev], Fundacja Solidarności Polsko - Czechosłowackiej [The Foundation of Polish, Czech and Slovak Solidarity - Warsaw] and Lubelska Fundacja Rozwoju [The Lublin Foundation for Development - Lublin].
The conference served as a forum for exchanging opinions among representatives of local governments and non-governmental organisations working for the benefit of local communities.

Symposium "Folk Music in Central and Eastern Europe"

In 1992 the Foundation of Polish, Czech and Slovak Solidarity supported financially the initiative of the Foundation "Music of Borderlands" to organise symposium devoted to folk music. Participants of the symposium included ethno-musicologists and folklorists from Warsaw, Lublin, Zielona Góra, Vilnius, St. Petersburg and Lviv.

Research grants for Ukrainian historians

The Foundation co-financed, together with the South-Eastern Academic Institute, an international research program "History of Galicia - national, religious, social and cultural relations." The Foundation sponsored 6 grants for Ukrainian historians from the Institute of Social Science of the Ukrainian Academy of Science, who conducted their research in Poland.

The VI International Ethno-musicological Session

The VI International Ethno-musicological Session "Musical Instruments in Traditional Culture of the Central and Eastern Europe. The Eldest Forms of Instrumental Music" took place in Lublin in 1994. The session was co-financed by the Foundation of Polish, Czech and Slovak Solidarity. Participants of the conference included ethno-musicologists and ethnologists from Byelorussia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Russia and Ukraine.

The III International Academic Session

In 1994 the Foundation "Music of Borderlands", sponsored by the Foundation of Polish, Czech and Slovak Solidarity, organised the III International Academic Session "Spirituality of Nations from Central and Eastern Europe. Eros and Thanatos, part.II"
During four days of the conference speakers from the following cities presented their papers: Warsaw - Poland, Vilnius and Kaunas - Lithuania, Moscow, St. Petersburg - Russia, Minsk - Byelorussia, Kiev, Lviv and Drohobycz - Ukraine, Prague - Czech and Karelia - Pietrozawodsk. 27 papers were presented addressing mainly question of love and death in art.

Academic publication. Memoirs.

The Foundation sponsored the South-Eastern Academic Institute from Przemyśl in publishing the book of Jan Vit "Wspomnienia z mojego pobytu w Przemyślu w czasie rosyjskiego oblężenia. 1914- 1915" [Memoirs from My Stay in Przemyśl During the Russian Siege 1914-1915].
This book is a valuable source of information regarding national relations during the I WW and during the first years after the war. Its author met, beside Austrian, Hungarian and Czech soldiers, also Polish, Ukrainian and Russian inhabitants of Przemyśl. Jan Vit with a great insight observed cohabitation of various nations from Eastern Europe and penetration of cultures at the Polish, Ukrainian and Slovak borderland.

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The fourteenth edition of the "Independent media" program is planned for this year. Nearly 26 journalists from Belarus, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine will be invited to Poland. During study visits, they will have an opportunity to visit the editorial offices of newspapers and magazines, radio and TV stations, internet portals and information agencies. They will acquaint themselves with the work and experiences of their Polish colleagues. The study visits will be tailored to the professions and specializations of the guests.
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