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Foundation programs

Cultural Activities.

Theatre Festival "On the Border"

The Foundation has participated in the Theatre Festival "On the Border" in Cieszyn, which was started in 1990. (see:

Program was co-financed by the Stefan Batory Foundation (2000, 2001), the Culture Foundation (1992,1995, 2001) and the National Endowment for Democracy, Washington, D.C. USA

Czech and Slovak Film Festival "Cinema on the Border"

The Foundation has participated in the Czech and Slovak Film Festivals "Cinema on the Border" in Cieszyn, which was started in 1999. (see:

Program was co-financed by the Stefan Batory Foundation (2000, 2001, 2002).

Polish and Czech Christian Culture Days in Klodzko, Nachod and Broumov Areas

The Polish and Czech Days of Christian Culture in Klodzko, Nachod and Broumov areas are organised annually every September for gminas (local administration units) from both sides of the Polish-Czech border. These events are organised by: the Polish, Czech and Slovak Solidarity, The Clubs of Catholic Intelligentsia from Nowa Ruda and L康ek Zdr鎩, The Association Citizens' Committee of K這dzko Area, local authorities from localities participating in these events. The Polish-Czech Christian Culture Days provide perfect opportunity for bringing together people of both nations, for appreciating other culture, exchanging experiences between local authorities in both countries, creating and maintaining cross-border co-operation between the neighbouring Polish and Czech localities. Presently, it is the largest cultural event organised on the Polish-Czech border, which has a strong impact on activities undertaken by state authorities. This impact is quite noticeable, mainly with regard to the international treaties, such as "Treaty on trans-border co-operation" and "Treaty on small border traffic."

Exhibition of contemporary Lviv paintings

Between 11 December 2002 and 15 January 2003 our Foundation presented contemporary Lviv paintings in the hallway of the Stefan Batory Foundation. The contemporary Lviv artists are not well known in Poland. The exhibition presented work of eight contemporary artists, whose pictures are often shown in the other European countries.

Exhibition "Searching for a Woman"

Between 29-30 September 2002 the Foundation, together with the Warsaw high school - Spo貫czne Liceum Og鏊nokszta販帷e nr 25 and the Association Institute of Byelorussian Culture, organised an exhibition of photographs taken by the Byelorussian artist Alexander Litin. The exhibition was entitled " Searching for a Woman".

Co-funding publication of periodicals

  • Monthly magazine "Ziemia K這dzka"
    Magazine "Ziemia K這dzka" was started in November 1989. It addresses problems of cross-border co-operation. The magazine serves also as a forum for documenting and reminding of the cultural heritage and history of former inhabitants of K這dzko region: Czechs and Germans. Magazine supports all cultural initiatives as well as activities related to the protection of environment. Presently "Ziemia K這dzka" is being published in three languages: Polish, Czech and German. The magazine was awarded a prize by the well known dissident magazine Paris "Culture".
  • Literary Magazine "Scriptum"
    In 1993 the Polish, Czech and Slovak Solidarity supported publication of two issues of the literary magazine "Scriptum". This magazine was started in 1991 by students and graduates from Olomuniec (Czech Republic), associated in the Statovska Unie Studentu. Magazine is devoted to Czech and other countries' literature.
  • The magazine "安iat Literacki"
    The magazine "安iat Literacki", started in March 1991, which aims at promoting the world literature. The double issue No. 3-4 started a new column presenting Czech and Slovak literature.
  • Ukrainian issue of the "Kresy" quarterly
    The Foundation co-financed publication of the issue No. 19 of the literary quarterly "Kresy" (IX 1994). This issue included a large Ukrainian section. The Union of Young Ukrainian Artists from Lviv has also participated in its publication and promotion.
  • Russian issue of the monthly magazine "Literatura na 安iecie"
    Issue No. 7/8 of the monthly magazine "Literatura na 安iecie" was devoted to contemporary Russian literature. It presented texts, which are almost completely unknown in Poland and which have been written in Russia during last five years. Publication included all literary forms - prose, poetry, interviews and essays.

Concerts of "Oboroh"

In 1992 the Foundation financed concert of the OBOROH Group in L康ek Zdr鎩 as a part of its program for supporting cultural exchange between Poland and Czechoslovakia. Artists from Czechoslovakia presented psalms with the music composed by themselves.

Exhibition in the Museum of K這dzko Region

In the year 1992 the Foundation of Polish, Czech and Slovak Solidarity supported commemoration of 300th anniversary of birth and 250th anniversary of death of Micha Klahr Starszy (1693-1742), the greatest baroque sculptor of the K這dzko County, who is perceived as a sculptor of three cultures: Czech, German and Polish. The Foundation has financed publication of his biographical note and catalogue.

Performance of the Teatr Dnia 茳mego in Prague

In 1992 the Foundation of Polish, Czech and Slovak Solidarity supported an initiative of the Polish Cultural Centre in Prague to organise a festival of Laco Adamik's plays in the Prague GONG Theatre. The Polish Theatre "Dnia 茳mego" presented three shows, which created an excitement among theatre community in Prague.

Days of Czech and Moravian Culture

Between 26 and 28 June 1992 the Polish, Czech and Slovak Solidarity, the Centre of Culture and Recreation from L康ek Zdr鎩, Cultural Centres from Jaromer, Rychnow and Jesenik as well as local authorities from L康ek Zdr鎩 and Stronie 奸御kie organised the Days of Czech and Moravian Culture in Stronie 奸御kie and L康ek Zdr鎩. It included various events and presentations: concerts of amateur groups, concert of the Chamber Orchestra from Rychnov, exhibitions of photographs and sculptures, folk picnics, football matches between teams from Rychnov, L康ek Zdr鎩 and Stronie 奸御kie.

Performance of Jana Peszek in Prague

In December 1992 the Polish actor Jan Peszek acted in the Theatre Labyrinth in Prague, in Bogus豉w Schaeffer's play "Scenariusz dla jednego nieistniej帷ego aktora instrumentalnego" [The script for one, non-existing instrumental actor]. The play was followed by a meeting with the Czech public, where Peszek talked about art of acting, situation of theatres and theatre schools in Poland. This event aimed at promoting Polish culture in Czech.

Competition for young translators

In September 1992 a competition for young translators of literature was announced in Polish, Slovak and Czech press (translation of Czech and Slovak literature into Polish and Polish literature into Czech and Slovak).
In March 1993 prizes for best translators were awarded in the Czech Centre. This ceremony was attended by winners, jury members, representatives of the Foundation, as well as representatives of Czech Centre and the Embassy of Czech Republic.

Czech language courses

There were Czech language courses organised in schools in K這dzko area and in Wroc豉w with the financial support provided, among others, by our Foundation.

Art Centre "Kontrast" in Bielsko - Bia豉

In 1992 the Foundation of Polish, Czech and Slovak Solidarity supported an initiative of the Art. Centre "Kontrast" from Bielsko-Bia豉 with regard to implementation of the program "Slovakia." The program implementation included organisation of 10 theatre workshops in Slovakia. Young Poles from the Art Centre "Kontrast" and young Slovaks from the Culture Centre in Czadca prepared common play "Souls in Tears" - seven episodes based on Dostojewski's novels.

VI Week of Ukrainian Culture in Lublin

The VI Week of the Ukrainian Culture took place in Lublin in 1993. For the first time the Foundation of Polish, Czech and Slovak Solidarity was one of the organisers of this event, along with the Academic Circle of Slavic Students of the Catholic University of Lublin, the Centre Poland - Ukraine and the Theatre NN from Lublin. Presented speeches and papers referred to literary, historical and political problems.

International Festival of Folk Groups Nowa Ruda

In 1995 the third International Festival of Folk Groups took place in Nowa Ruda and other locations within Wa豚rzych region. The Festival is well attended by folk groups from Poland and other countries, such as: Bolivia, Czech, Ecuador, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Germany, Portugal, Ukraine and Italy. Concerts of foreign artists create great opportunity for presenting W豉brzych area, its cultural and tourist attractions.

Literary World Festival

In 1994 and 1995 two international Literary World Festivals took place in Warsaw, which were organised by the Foundation of Polish, Czech and Slovak Solidarity and the Foundation for Promoting World Literature. Festivals presented contemporary Polish poetry and prose as well as literature of other countries, such as Slovakia, Ukraine, Hungary, Czech Republic, Russia, Germany, France and Israel. Festivals promoted the most interesting books of younger generation of authors. Festival activities included publication of 8 titles and numerous meetings with Polish and foreign authors.
The main theme of the Literary Forum in 1994 was "A question of being united versus a question of being unique" and in 1995 "The Polish- German literary dialogue" . Participants of the Forum included writers, literary critics, translators and politicians.

Documental photographs from the KGB archives. History of Gulag.

The Foundation has financed, in the form of individual grant, the costs of photographic materials for photographer Tomasz Kizny from the Independent Photographic Agency "Dementi". Kizny was invited by the Historical and Educational Association "Memoria" from Moscow to participate in its special program "History of Gulag".

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